Winding Road Distilling Co.

Jul 11 2022

Winding Road Distilling Co.

Winding Road Distilling Co. was born from a love for unique spirits, a curious nature, and a strong sense of adventure.

Owners Camille & Mark Awad had a dream to build their own craft spirits distillery. This dream grew into something more after a casual conversation on a warm summer’s evening at Lake Ainsworth in 2015. With a love for unique whiskies, rums, and gins; the idea took hold as they reflected upon what our region has to offer. Not being ones to shy away from a challenge or something a little out of left field, they began their journey down this ‘Winding Road’.

Since then they have worked hard to grow their brand and the distillery, hand-crafting unique spirits that celebrate a passion for the natural beauty and abundance of the Northern Rivers NSW region. They released their Citrus and Sea Gin and Agricole Blanc Virgin Cane Spirit in October 2019, followed by 50 Mile Coffee Liqueur a few months later. These releases have won numerous awards both in Australia and internationally. Most importantly however, they have helped us Winding Road develop a strong and growing following!

The second half of 2021 will see the first release of their Coastal Cane Pure Single Rum, hand-crafted from fresh first-press Northern Rivers NSW sugar cane juice. This will be followed by their Single Malt Whisky; a unique expression that uses several varieties of New South Wales malted barley. Both have been maturing for the past few years in a curated selection of new and recoopered oak barrels, gaining influence from the wood while retaining their unique character.

Last year Camille and Mark made the big decision to relocate the Winding Road distillery from their family home to another property in Tintenbar. This is allowing them to grow and – most importantly – open their doors to the public.

Camille and Mark’s goal at Winding Road Distilling Co. is to produce artisan spirits that inspire a life’s journey infused with authenticity, curiosity and enjoyment.

“We love where we live and what we do, the people and businesses who have encouraged and supported us along the way as we hand-craft our spirits where the hills meet the sea…”

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