Our Cow

Aug 25 2022

Our Cow

Our Cow is a 100% grass fed, grass finished and organic meat delivery service, founded by Beef Cattle Farmers Dave & Bianca from Baryulgil, NSW. What started as a way of keeping their own farm afloat after drought & bushfires in 2019, has grown into a thriving business supporting hundreds of farming families, and delivering to thousands of households across Australia.

Our Cow’s mission is to make a change in the food system, offering a stable and consistent market for farmers away from the volatility of the saleyard, and give people in the city an opportunity to support farmers every day through their food choices. We want to connect consumers to where their food comes from, telling the positive stories of agriculture, and deliver the very best grass fed and organic meat to the dinner table of fellow Aussie Families.

Our Cow offers a flexible and convenient meat delivery subscription service, allowing families all across Australia to choose their favourite meat cuts on the frequency they choose, and enjoy fresh, top notch meat delivered straight to their door.

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Lucy Ashley
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