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Local Food Events Coming Up

The Northern Rivers region punches way above its weight for food. It doesn’t matter what time of year, there is always something tasty going down in this region. We are a premier food producing region in Australia (and the world!), so it’s no surprise that we like to showcase our stuff! We encourage our local community & visitors alike to graze their way around the region – come along and enjoy our fantastic local food events throughout the year.

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Harvest Food Trail

Our NRF Harvest Food Festival is run each year, over the first weekend of May and is a local food event to help connect people with real food on real farms & honour our amazing producers. Each year Harvest Food Festival event organisers (all volunteers from local food businesses), showcase a series of local food tours, dinners & food experiences, from paddock to plate and seed to flower! The Harvest Food Festival offers the community & visitors an opportunity to connect with local food producers and celebrate our abundant local food – Northern Rivers style.

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Where to Buy Local

Really, who wouldn’t prefer to eat fresh, locally produced food from our abundant Northern Rivers region? We all know that eating locally produced food helps the environment, is fresher, tastier, healthier and supports local communities. This region has so many great local farmers’ markets & community gardens. They offer a great way to spend the morning choosing your fresh produce for the week. Importantly though, it’s a great way to connect with others in our community and support the people who are growing our food – our wonderful farmers & producers! Find our when our local farmers’ markets & community gardens are on in this region

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Food Trails

Part of enjoying the food, is knowing the story….understanding where your food was grown, the sustainable methods used to grow or produce the food, the farmer who grew and brought the food to market or the local baker who lovingly baked the bread. We all love the back-story!….With an increasing emphasis on agri-tourism in this region, it’s time to get to you’re your local producers in this region. Start your food trail journey here. NRF offer a few suggestions from our friends around the region, to help you connect with legendary local farmers & food artisans

Food Trail

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The food scene in the Northern Rivers region is legendary! Becoming a Food Fan member of NRF is a great way to connect with what’s going on in this region for all things food. Be the first to hear about local food events in our region from our network of passionate local food industry growers, producers, local food artisans and manufacturers & distillers! Hear about new products, where to buy them, what food events and festivals are coming up, our wonderful farmers’ markets in the region and more. Remember to eat local and love local food! Become a foodie fan here.

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