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Northern Rivers Food and Southern Cross University present Business Bites, the podcast series that discusses, evaluates and explores all the factors that contribute to making a successful business. In each episode we bring you wisdom and insights from forward-thinking academics and leading industry experts about what really helps a business stay relevant and thrive.


Hosted by Angela Catterns, Business Bites is made possible with support from the NSW Government. We acknowledge that each episode is recorded in the traditional country of the Widjabul Wyabul people of the Bundjalung nation and pay respect to elders past and present..


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What can you expect from Season 1 of Business Bites?

Across ten episodes, Angela explores everything from business finance to collaboration; from building culture to the importance of business communications. She even takes a deep dive into the future, exploring how global trends might impact regional business over coming years. Watch our series trailer for a glimpse into how the season will unfold, and then tune in each episode of the season, released every fortnight.


In this our launch episode, we’re talking about something every business owner will relate to: the need to manage unexpected challenges. Angela explores how fires, floods, drought and a worldwide pandemic have impacted on regional businesses and see what guests learned about how to manage unexpected and unprecedented upheavals. She speaks with Dean Gould, Chief Marketing Officer at Southern Cross University; Trevor Lee and Lilly Choi-Lee from Naturally Northern Rivers Australia; and Genna Pyewacket and Katrina Patton from Pyewackets Traditionals.

This episode of Business Bites looks at how, why and when to do a business health check. Angela Catterns gets a rundown on the basics of health checks from Southern Cross University’s Associate Professor David Noble and then chats with Matt Orr, Sales Director and Monique Smith, Marketing Manager from Brookfarm about Brookfarm puts the theory into practice. Finally, Cam Hogan from Dollars Making Sense discusses with Angela the importance of knowing your numbers and offers some practical advice for businesses.

Business Bites Ep3 Provenance

This episode of Business Bites is all about provenance; about why telling the story of the ingredients, the process, the location, the people behind your food matters. Angela goes into some quirky food facts with food historian and Associate Professor in History at Southern Cross University, Adele Wessell before talking with two business owners, Blue Ginger Picnic’s Tania Usher and Playing with Fire’s Rebecca Barnes,  about how they approach the art of storytelling to better connect with customers.

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